About the Writer Behind the Writing Theory

Hello and welcome! It appears your internet adventures have led you to stumble across my humble little site here ^.^ Are you confused or disoriented? Allow me to alleviate some of that misplaced anxiety by telling you a little about this little corner of the world wide web~

I’m Kelli and I’m currently a grad student studying writing (metalwork and jewelry making too but primarily writing). On this site, I give my take on old and more contemporary theory and study on the subject of writing. Basically, this site is my attempt to work through the content and build a foundation upon which I can begin constructing my own theories on writing and develop my own sense of the vast study that is writing!

If none of that piques your interest, by all means, please take your exit now! No offense will be taken! If, by some odd coincidence, this subject matter is right up your alley, feel free to peruse my thoughts, perhaps leave your own two cents if you feel particularly compelled ^.^ Do be kind though, if you can! I am still a student and I have much to learn! Don’t we all?